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Saving the planet is not something any of us can do alone. We need to work together, to collaborate, to lobby, to raise awareness and to take drastic actions that will transform behaviours and their resulting effects. We cannot stand apart; we must all come together and be a part of a collective that will effect change forever.


Here are some of the people/organisations we are currently working with - as these grow in number so our work will have even bigger social, environmental and economic impacts on individuals and the world.


fsg is teaming up with Nextloopp, the dynamic multi-client project committed to unlocking the value in Polypropylene (PP) and turning it into high quality food-grade recycled PP.

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Clean Up Britain

fsg are partnering with Clean Up Britain as industry advisors for an initiative for stadiums and businesses to achieve Green Champion Awards by demonstrating high codes of conduct including zero litter, reduced food waste, climate change strategies. 


more coming soon on this partnership

Shrewsbury Cup

fsg is working in conjunction with ....... text here

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