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United Nations

We specifically relate to, support and work towards nine of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals. (

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Goal 3: Good health and well-being: We have designed and supply adapted dinnerware for people with dementia and limited mobility, helping to increase nutrition and hydration, and enhance dignity. 

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Goal 8: Decent work and economic wealth: Our factories are audited to ensure ethical work practices are in place including good working conditions, no child labour and fair wages to help the economy grow sustainably and ensure decent livelihoods for all stakeholders. We have a close relationship to our suppliers to maintain the standards we have as a company. 


Goal 9: Industry, innovation and infrastructure: Through collaborating with universities and industry, we design and supply reusable polypropylene takeout boxes which can be used over one thousand times, extracting maximum value, and is then regenerated at end of life. We have also been developing digital technology to scan reusables out to consumers, and back into smart bins to facilitate reuse. The aim is to manufacture and recycle our products here in the UK. 


Goal 11: Sustainable cities and communities: Our work inherently provides a way for communities, public sector and businesses to build back better through reducing waste from single use. We have growing customer interest as a result of this.


Goal 12: Responsible consumption and reduction: Through promoting responsible business and offering the public a clear way to consume responsibly, this goal aligns very well with our mission and vision. We know there is a growing appetite for sustainable options when it comes to eating out, so this attracts more business and customers. Our products are reusable and recyclable, to encourage a closed loop system. Our reusable takeout packaging can be reused thousands of times, greatly reducing the amount of single use plastics produced. The product can also be regenerated at end of life. 


Goal 13: Climate action: Life cycle analysis validates that our reusable takeout food packaging emits significantly less carbon emissions and embodied energy than single use polystyrene or compostables disposables. 


Goal 14: Life below water: The development of our smart digital closed loop systems for reusable takeout packaging will radically reverse the tide of single use from our oceans, enhancing the quality of life below water.  


Goal 15: Life on land: As above, our reusable closed loop system will drastically reduce litter and the detrimental effect single use plastics have on wildlife, crops and unsightly waste in the environment.


Goal 17: Partnership to achieve goals: We work in collaboration with universities, polymer experts, manufacturers, distributors, technology experts, industry thought leaders and product designers to implement systems to achieve zero landfill and work toward the goals of UK Plastics Pact. Our commitment to the above goals demonstrates how we are taking practical steps to achieve our vision, which is to ‘be at the forefront of change in foodservice, working closely with stakeholders to develop ideas which have a positive social, environmental and economic impact.

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