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Zero waste cup

(a Bockatech range of products)


Zero waste cup, by Bockatech, offer a great solution to the massive environmental problem that to go coffee cups cause. The plastic inner liner in most paper cups prevents them from being recycled resulting in 160 billion going to landfill and increasing each and every year. 

Made from polypropylene, Zero waste cups  are reusable, recyclable, insulated, strong, have a lifespan of over 1000 uses, reduce environmental impact by creating less harmful co2 than any alternatives and 96% less than normal paper cups.

As well as being eco friendly, Zero waste cups also provide solutions to other problems. Their Ecocore® foam insulated walls help the coffee stay hot but also stops scolding. Even though the cups are really light so easy to walk around with, they are also rigid so the lid is more likely to stay on if the cup is knocked over or squeezed. And the smooth faces are easily coloured or branded. Minimum material and manufacturing costs mean Zero waste cups offer huge savings.

Zero waste cup product information - download pdf

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