eco to go digital

(an fsg service)


For the past three decades disposables have become a convenient norm in our everyday lives.

But their “convenience” comes at a very inconvenient cost both to us and to our planet.

The litter from disposable food and drink packaging has caused a catastrophic mess in our towns and cities, our countryside, our rivers and oceans. It is destroying our wildlife - and, ultimately, our entire planet.

eco to go digital is an exciting and ground breaking new service from fsg that is disrupting the way we use food and drink packaging by creating a circular digital system which potentially has zero landfill impact.

How does it work?

Users check out their reusable food and drink packaging using a smart app which scans a unique numbered QR code assigning the packaging to the user. When they have finished using the packaging, they simply return and scan it back into the system at a reusable smart station. Or, if they choose to keep the packaging they are charged for it.

All of the packaging used in the eco to go digital scheme is made from recyclable materials, with reuse rates in excess of a thousand times. Containers are commercial dishwasher and microwave safe. At end-of-life they are regenerated creating a cradle to cradle system. 

eco to go digital is not just a packaging system but a whole community of like minded individuals who want to make a difference. The system usefully, informatively and entertainingly engages with participants. Users earn points for their loyalty and can play eco warrior games. Clients are provided with a dashboard of valuable analytics which give insights into the reusable journey and the environmental impact.

eco to go digital will be rolled out to community exchange programmes, universities, hospitals, transport hubs, businesses. By collecting, washing and redistributing reusables we are effectively reducing the carbon footprint. 

And we are taking it further - engaging with manufacturers to produce everything in the UK and to recycle the product back into food grade reusables.

eco to go digital is replacing disposables with resusables. It is creating an attitude that does not just think about today but rather is concerned and focussed on doing the right thing to protect our planet forever.

product details - download pdf