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We love coffee. So much so we consume 95 million cups a day.

We dump the coffee grounds into landfill and in less than a century the methane they emit is 34 times more powerful than carbon dioxide becoming one of the primary causes of global warming.

Another by-product of coffee is husk, the thin film that surrounds the bean which is removed at the milling stage of coffee production. Annually 1.35 million tonnes of husk waste is generated globally, of which the average coffee drinker contributes about 3 kg, This husk is a waste product usually left in piles to go mouldy.

In addition to the harm caused by the waste we also get through 16 billion single use coffee cups every year.

To make these 6.5 million trees are cut down, 4 billion gallons of water are wasted as is enough energy to power 54,000 homes.

Some of us realise this behaviour has to stop.

Australian collective Huskee Pty Ltd came up with the idea of recycling coffee husks to make reusable, eco-friendly cups – targeting zero waste from farm to espresso, using waste to create a valuable commodity for farmers.  

HuskeeCup offers a zero waste solution for hotels, restaurants, cafes, drinks on the go and in the home. Huskee plans to repurpose cups at end of life into café furniture – a circular economy solution down to the very last grain.

This is a brand that uses rather than wastes. And the results are as beautiful as they are sustainable.

HuskeeCup product information - download pdf

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