We love coffee.

So much so we consume 95 million cups a day.

We dump the coffee grounds into landfill and in less than a century the methane they emit is 34 times more powerful than carbon dioxide becoming one of the primary causes of global warming.

We get through 16 billion single use coffee cups every year.

To make these 6.5 million trees are cut down, 4 billion gallons of water are wasted as is enough energy to power 54,000 homes.

Unless this behaviour changes - and changes fast - the destruction to our planet will be irrevocable.

At fsg we are working to disrupt such destructive patterns, to create a different language.

We are not alone.

Australian manufacturers, Huskee, use coffee husks (another waste product) to make reusable cups so are being effective in more ways than one.

And the cups just happen to be beautiful too.

There is a revolution happening to save and protect the planet. 

We are a part of it. Join us.

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