Working from home? Make your midday coffee experience as good as the real thing

Remote working has meant that many of us have become more well acquainted with our kitchens than ever before. At the office, we might have frequented our local cafe for our midday caffeine fix, but now, we are faced with the challenge of making our own coffee and it is safe to say we will never take baristas for granted again.

Not only that, but we are also becoming more environmentally conscious, considering the impact our daily consumption habits have on the planet. So how can your coffee habits contribute to a healthy planet without compromising on quality and taste? There are several easy ways to improve your coffee at home and get the best of both worlds.

Invest in the hardware

An opportunity to invest in some excellent coffee-making machinery. There are plenty of options out there for budgets big and small.

For under £10, you can swap the instant granules for a cafetiere or coffee dripper. Quiet and easy to use, enjoy a mellow brewing experience during your 9am Zoom meeting.

Coffee enthusiasts could consider the pod machine, offering minimal mess and maximum flavour and adding a milk frother creates the illusion of a professionally-made cappuccino without the hassle. For the aspiring barista, you could opt for an espresso machine, complete with portafilter and steam wand. With the right YouTube tutorials, you could be mastering latte art in no time.

Grounds to your door, responsibly

An unexpected upside of a global pandemic has been the ability to order almost anything online to be delivered within a few days. Coffee is no exception, with many companies now offering quality grounds to your doorstep. Brands such as Alpaca Coffee deliver in plant-based plastic-free packaging, offering an environmentally conscious substitute for shop-bought packets.

Alternatively, biodegradable coffee pods are available on subscription from brands such as Grind, who are aiming to reduce waste produced by coffee pod machines. Regular coffee pods, made from aluminium or plastic, can take up to 500 years to decompose in landfill, and although recyclable pods are widely available, dismantling and cleaning the pods can be a big inconvenience especially for regular coffee drinkers. The perfect marriage of convenience and eco-consciousness, compostable pods can be thrown into your food waste bin or home compost, whilst still packing a punch on flavour.

Choose a versatile mug

It’s happened to the best of us, you make a fresh brew before realising you’re late for the school run. There is nothing worse than returning home to a cold cup of coffee. Look no further than the HuskeeCup - made from recycled coffee husks and polypropylene for a seamless transition from coffee at home to coffee on the go.

When you do treat yourself to that barista coffee, HuskeeCup can come along with you, helping to reduce the 2.5 billion take-out cups being disposed of annually in the UK. Durable, dishwasher-friendly, and lightweight, these eco-friendly mugs are perfect both for sipping on the couch and for keeping in your bag for impromptu coffee dates. They’re even available in three sizes, ideal for cappuccino connoisseurs and latte lovers alike.

Mix it up!

Finally, don’t be afraid to get creative with your home brews. Syrups and flavours are widely available to give your regular coffee a much needed pick-me-up. Monin’s premium-quality syrups are made using the best natural flavourings and their choice of flavours mean your wildest coffee dreams can become a reality. Add some extra sweetness with classic flavours such as caramel, hazelnut and amaretto, or become your own coffee mixologist with unique flavours such as bubblegum, mojito-mint or popcorn.

Follow these simple steps and before long you’ll be a coffee aficionado, saving the planet one macchiato at a time.

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