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University of Birmingham’s (UoB) Hospitality and Residential services team were challenged with issues relating to food and drink takeout packaging waste. This project focuses on the inventive ways in which the university tackles food and drink to go packaging and the issues surrounding them.
UoB’s aim was to reduce the amount of single use food takeout boxes and disposable hot drink cups, with a view to becoming waste free in these areas.
Eco to go reusable boxes and cups were chosen by the University for their sustainability credentials which are consistent with UoB’s commitment to reduce their environmental impact whilst maintaining economic viability.


Our Goals


UoB’s goals were to empower staff, students and visitors to take control of their environmental impact; to obliterate the use of single-use disposable food and drink containers and the throwaway culture that accompanies them.

Eco to go Box


Eco to go box was trialled at the UoB Hub Café Vale Student Village in September 2016. The boxes are made from sturdy, recyclable polypropylene and can be reused extensively. Students and staff purchase Eco box for £4 and are responsible for cleaning and returning the box to the food outlets. A free meal is offered if the student chooses to hand the box back to the university at the end of the year.
A decision was made to withdraw all single use hot food takeout boxes from The Vale Village.
UoB staff marketed the boxes around campus with posters, table tents and visuals on tv screens.

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