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In 2014 University of Chester pioneered the UK’s first reusable takeout food container scheme, diverting 78,000 single use disposables from landfill, within one year reusables became part of university culture.




University of Chester Hospitality and Residential services team were challenged with issues relating to food takeout packaging waste. This project included activities to reduce waste and empower staff, students and visitors to embed sustainability into standard processes and reduce the team’s environmental impact.

Eco takeout reusable boxes were chosen by the University for their sustainability credentials which are consistent with Chester’s commitment to reduce their environmental impact whilst maintaining economic viability.




The aim was to reduce the amount of single use food takeout boxes with a view to becoming waste free in these areas.


Eco Boxes


Working closely with FSG, the university piloted Eco takeouts at Whites Restaurant in September 2014. The boxes are made from sturdy, recyclable polypropylene, are microwave safe for reheating and can be used in excess of 1,000 times. University of Chester chose 4 styles of Eco box, including main meal, salad, soup and two compartment containers.

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